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Our computer experience began in 1981 with a Radio Shack TRS80 Model III. Over the last 31 years we have seen many changes to the computing landscape, but even with all this experience we still know how frightening it can be to start into a new area of computing. Whether it is your first time using a computer in general or your first time adding a database backend to your website, we can help.

We offer services in a wide range of techologies that we have the most experience with, but we don't assume others are inferior just because we don't use them. We want all our clients to be happy and comfortable with the technologies, but at the same time we frankly have better things to do then argue which technology is better. Instead we prefer to spend our time creating solutions that meet the clients need and exceed their expectation. Our commitment to you is candor in our ability to deliver or perform based on our experience and your requirements.