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Technologies Some of Our Clients Articles by Aaron Johnson (aka trs80):

Agri-Starts (since 1997)

Intro to CVS
Microsoft Agri-Starts II Apache::ASP review (Perl)
Linux - generic Agri-Starts IV HTML::Embperl review (Perl)
Red Hat Linux BellSouth Object Oriented Configuration (Perl)
Mandrake Linux Golf Society USA
Komodo Review (Perl IDE)
Apache httpd server IC Group Inc Introduction to Testing Perl Code
Lindows QAS When to Use mod_perl
mod_perl The HistoryMakers mod_perl on Shared Servers
Perl PollMaker DBMAIL, XMail and Squirrel Mail
Perl commercial products Velocity Outsourcing XMail External Authentication
Perl community site KI Solutions Class::DBI Intro