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Welcome to Gina.net. Gina is an acronym for Great InterNet Applications.

Gina.net is a team of professional developers and quality assurance personnel dedicated to providing Internet based applications that solve problems, ease maintenance , and reduce operating costs.

Aaron Johnson has been operating the gina.net domain since 1997.

Our world proven techniques can help you and your company "Get More From Less"

Our team has extensive technical background in the following:

Languages/Frameworks Operating Systems Protocols Servers Other
Perl Linux (Debian, Mandrake, RedHat, SuSE, Lindows) SSH Apache SpamAssassin
JavaScript Windows HTTP wuFTP Scope
XML Mac OS X SMTP ProFTPd DreamWeaver
CSS FreeBSD TCP/IP Exchange PhotoShop
PHP HP-UX   SQL 2000 Gimp
SQL     Qmail Bugzilla
.NET     XMail Apache::ASP
Java     Sendmail Embperl
J2EE     MySQL Mason
      Webmin SmoothWall (firewall)
      Cassandra Analog
      Tomcat TN3270

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Linux Workstation setup and administration
Linux Server setup and administration
Internet/Brick and Mortar Business Consulting
Windows Workstation setup and administration
Services installation on Windows Servers
Security Consulting
Deveopment of Internet based applications
Database design
MySQL administration
Apache/mod_perl installtions and administration
Windows, Linux and FreeBSD XMail installation and administration
Quality Assurance software, BugZilla, installation and customization
CVS setup
Network configuration and deployment
SmoothWall firewall setup and deploy
Hardware Upgrades
Data conversion
Data mining
Custom administration scripts
Perl application design
Perl code redesign of existing projects
Perl Traning Documenation and HOW-TOs
Computer Crime Forensics
Perl based CGI script install and custumization
PHP and PHP packages installation
PHP application enhancements
PHP application development